With over 100 cocktail recipes
in your pocket and tips on
preparation, ingredients and
glassware, Minibar for iPhone
is the only app you’ll need to
take your enjoyment of
cocktails to the next level.

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Get a taste for Minibar

Our Minibar experts have carefully
selected over 100 of the best cocktail
recipes from all over the world.
Each recipe comes with an easy to follow
preparation guide, beautiful photos and
facts about the cocktail to wow and
impress your partner, friends and family.

Fully loaded

Your Minibar is fully stocked with all
the details you’ll need to make gorgeous
cocktails and learn about the ingredients.
High quality photographs of the world’s
most famous cocktails will ensure you’re
creating cocktails of beauty.

The mixologist in you

Minibar tries to simplify the mysteries
of mixology and help you create famous
blends from around the world to enjoy
and impress at dinner parties, romantic
evenings or just hanging out with friends
– Minibar adds new flavour to any event.

Culture of cocktails

From a tumbler to a tikki mug, blending
and shaking, Minibar is also packed with
cocktail facts about glassware, preparation
and the techniques involved in creating
delightful drinks. Minibar has everything
you need to quench your thirst.

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